The impact of program evaluation on government functioning

The impact of program evaluation on government functioning

The impact of program evaluation on government functioning

Federal, local and state governments have many functional policies and procedures, as well as programs, the success of which depends on how effective these governments utilize program evaluation data or findings. This is to say that program evaluation, which entails assessing the programs’ aftermaths, advancements, designs, and implementations, would be meaningless if the findings thereof are not appropriately employed in making improvements to the overall functioning of the governments.

This paper addresses whether or not program evaluations affect the conduct of government, and the extent to which government decisions and functioning are responsive to program evaluation data. In particular, the paper addresses the effect that program evaluation findings have on government functioning and decisions in the United States.

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In that regard, the United States government, and all other governments should relentlessly accentuate the importance of utilizing program evaluation outcomes in influencing decisions, sustaining consistency, and directing all proceedings involved in their programs.

In addition, government operations should have provisions for capacity building and training for effective utilization of program evaluation findings. This way, any inconsistencies and inadequacies surrounding the effective use of program evaluation findings are definitely lessened, leading to sustainable functioning.

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