The impact of internet on America

The impact of internet on America

The impact of internet on America.

The impact of internet on America: In the day America, the internet has shaped the social lives of her citizens, with this technology dictating how the population relates to one another, trade and get their entertainment.

In fact it is being thought that in the next ten years to come the robotic technology will be the main way of life (Burr , 2009). Therefore, such projection have given sociologist a challenge especially when projecting their impact on the social wellbeing of citizens.

Thus, on this platform this paper is aimed at trying to understand the impact of internet on America. And trying to understand the impact of the internet on sociologist study of life in the USA.

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The main way that sociologist use internet for studying the American society is by interacting with these citizen- the internet community. For instance with the help of interactive cites such as MySpace, Facebook, among other. The sociologists are able to understand the behavior pattern s of the people ( AppliedSoc.Org, 2013).

Secondly, Sociologist have used the internet as a platform to collect data. And statistics for a specific period on a given or chosen test group. Unlike through the traditional data collection methods, the internet offers a reliable and fast way of collecting data.

Lastly, the internet offers sociologists with a leveled playground for synthesizing their study findings especially on an individual user behavior or an institutional behavior (DiMaggio , Hargittai, Neuman , & Robinson, 2001).


APPLIEDSOC.ORG. (2013). Using Applied Sociology to Navigate Internet Communities.

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