The impact of industries (energy) on the political process

The impact of industries (energy) on the political process

The impact of industries (energy) on the political process

The impact of industries (energy) on the political process: The US energy sector is one of the most significant aspects especially in relation to the country’s economy as well as politics. The relationship between the US politics both congressional as well as presidential has very close, and the party considered to possess superior energy policies usually receive more backing and support. This backing usually comes in the form of campaign funding especially from the corporate as well as other vested interested persons.

Further to this, energy policies that appear favorable to the citizens usually earn the concerned party very crucial votes. In this regard, the concept of energy cannot be perceived in isolation without politics in the picture. This is because the energy sector is an industry that highly depends on the policies formed by the federal government (Geri & McNabb, 2011).

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The oil and gas companies are usually surrounded by serious environmental issues such as global warming, climatic change as well as air and water pollution. To check on these issues, environmentalists and the public citizens have pushed for major policy formulation to prevent progressive environmental degradation. Most of these policies usually hurt the profit ambition of the huge corporations in the oil and gas sector.

As such, these companies make sure that they protect their interests by ensuring no aggressive legislation, or ruling goes against their favor. It has also been believed that these corporations have been known to nurture individuals into positions of power such as politics and judiciary. In this regard, the influence of oil and gas has undoubtedly grown among political fraternity.

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