The Impact of Cyber Terrorism on the US Economy

The Impact of Cyber Terrorism on the US Economy

The Impact of Cyber Terrorism on the US Economy.

The Impact of Cyber Terrorism on the US Economy: With every passing day, more information that is sensitive is being passed through the internet. In fact, the internet has become the primary source of communication, with electronic data even gaining more prevalence than paper trails.

The telecommunication and information systems put up especially in the United States fully depend on electronic information, which has encouraged a new breed of terrorism often referred to as cyber terrorism. Cyber terrorism has often been fueled by the accessibility and vulnerability to the internet.

The term cyber terrorism lacks a concrete definition despite the increase in its usage.  The composition of cyber terrorism further has a large amount of subjectivity, a dismaying fact considering the September 11 attack.

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a tarnished public image and relationship worldwide due to the high level of security breach. This would result in lack of trust in the government and in the computer industry. This would further result in a loss of future customer revenue for an individual or a group of companies both national and multinationals.

While no amount of upgrading will ever make certain society is cyber attack-free, according to experts, governments and organizations should be proactive while investing in precautionary measures.

As technology, continues to go forward at an alarming rate, the regulations regarding cyber activities ought to follow suit. This is because at the moment, neither civilian nor government administrators. Are really able to fight this new and ever-changing menace.

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