The impact of climate change on native American tribes

The impact of climate change on native American tribes

The impact of climate change on native American tribes

Climate change is a leading cause of concern in all regions of the world. The complex forces driving climate change around all regions of the world are reflected by similar complexities in human’s response to it. The intricate nature of this issue makes it almost impossible for a single group such as a single nation or a single race to deal with it.

Therefore, due to the need of survival, human beings have come together to address the issue as a whole. Programs such as creating awareness among the people on the dangers of climate change and what can be done to counter the fast-rising threat are being mobilized, at a global level, to counter this problem of global warming.

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Native American communities and tribes have been compelled to change their behaviors so that they conform to the changing climate. The impact of climatic change on Native Americans is evident. Several individuals have taken note of this and have released statements calling for consciousness on this threatening issue. An elder of one of the tribes, Henrietta Mann, made a call to the consciousness of all people living on the globe.

The call was made to awaken all people so that they could they could collectively respond to the climatic change that is putting the entire world in danger. Climate change needs to be addressed immediately and the government needs to involve the Native American communities in their efforts to counter the problem of global warming.

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