The history of the keyboard

The history of the keyboard

The history of the keyboard.

The history of the keyboard: A keyboard is a set of a set of letters like those of a type writer that enable one to enter data into a computer. It is an input device in a computer. These letters are normally in a particular arrangement in all models of computers.

It is from it that the word keyboarding originates. A standard keyboard is such that the letters in the first raw spell the word QWERTY from left; this is known as a QWERTY keyboard.

There is however other types of keyboards like the French one, which spells the word AZERTY on the top left hand side (Simcoe, Mauermeyer, & Gallion, 1986). They are therefore known as the AZERTY computers.

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and fifty years. This proves that it is efficient. The arrangement was the one that Latham Sholes and Amos Densmore changed over to from the traditional arrangement that was cumbersome because the letters were closely arranged and made the type bars come from different directions.

This was highly adopted when the computer was discovered and is still in high use to date. Another reason why it was fast embraced was due to the ease with which people could memorize the arrangement of the letters.

Recently, the AZERTY keyboard has been introduced and is in use. This was in consideration of the most frequently used letters. It however has not yet replaced the QWERTY keyboard which is being adopted along with changes in computer models.


Napper, D., & Craig, D. (1990). Keyboarding. Melbourne: Pitman.

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