The history of civil engineering

The history of civil engineering

The history of civil engineering

Civil engineering is known as one other the oldest field in the engineering with it time of emergence being dated back to 4000 BC when human used crude equipment to solve their problems. However, determining the exact time when civil engineering started is difficult since most of the human activities before 4000 BC demonstrates application of civil engineering. Before the man began to build complex structures such as temples, he had to cover himself from the harsh environmental conditions (Lorenz, 2010).

For instance, human demonstrated knowledge of civil engineering in early ages by using tree trunks to cross rivers. Since then, the field has remained relevant with remarkable changes and events but the principle that were used remain the same to date.

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Use of the three-dimensional technology has help in the construction of tallest building such as Taipei 101 Building and others. Another modern application in civil engineering world includes material selection, high-tech machinery and other sciences (Haldar, 2006).

Since the human found the need to protect himself from the harsh environment and also live a better life, civil engineering has been very crucial. Humans have applied the science to build bridges, houses, roads and other helpful projects. With time passage, more complex problems have emerged as human attempts to better his life hence more advance civil engineering techniques have been made. However, the ancient principles of civil engineering have remained to date.

Dennis, B. (2003). American civil engineering history. Reston, Va.: American Society of Civil Engineers.

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