The Heroic slave by Frederick Douglass

The Heroic slave by Frederick Douglass

The Heroic slave by Frederick Douglass.

The Heroic slave by Frederick Douglass: The book is about a slave by the name Madison Washington. He chooses to rebel against slavery and influences his fellow slaves to do it as well.

He was a cook on the big Creole. When he realized and felt that slavery was too much for him, he chose to rebel. He and his co-slaves took control of a ship that was headed to New Orleans from Virginia.

They made it get them to Nassau in the Bahamas. This was in Britain where slavery had been abolished time shortly before (Allan, p43). These slaves were therefore out to seek freedom and feel like any other human beings that were around them, especially the White men.

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Washington is a visionary man. He dreams of attaining liberty and though at a price, he finally gets it. He also works towards it amidst the risk of losing his life, which portrays him as a risk taker.

In conclusion, the book The Heroic Hero in its writing has enabled the writer to show us how much slaves suffered under their masters. Through his book, he manages to convince us to be good and human to people that work under us, simply because it is the right thing to do.

This, he argues should be done in consideration of what they go through. He persuades people to be like the Listwells. He also through the character Washington urges people to fight for justice in whatever circumstances they may be in.


Douglass, Frederick. The Heroic Slave. Radford, VA: Wilder Publications, LLC, 2008.

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