The Growth of Rock

The Growth of Rock

The Growth of Rock

Immediately after World War II, television became the popular trend among the majority of the people. It was because the television sets became affordable during the war. In 1946, there were around 8000 television sets in the entire United States but by 1957, there were up to 40 million televisions sets in homes across the country.. It became the booming business and trend. The audiences in their masses adored the action movies, games and also comedy at the time. However, a new youth culture began to take root among the younger generation in the 1950s it was the rock ‘n’ roll culture. Rock n roll became the characteristic music for the youths. They wanted to turn their back on the conformist way of thinking that the adults were engaging in. The youth was looking to form their culture that would be fun and also attractive to them separating them from the adults that were submerged in the television and radio as the form of entertainment.

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Rap music just as like soul music was a way that emerged for the black community to express their views. They all developed as a result of racial, geographical and also historical factors. Music has been the biggest tool that communities tell their tale, teach and also used to mobilize people to unite or rebel against an issue.

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