The Green Movement

The Green Movement

The Green Movement.

The Green Movement: Environmental protection has gained a lot of attention in the world. Many nations and people have shown a lot of interest in environmental conservation.  I would argue that the world d has experienced a lot of negative effects that have emanated from environmental conservation.

This would relate from the fact that there is rapid growth in the industrial sector, and the release of pollutants is enormous.  In the attempt to save the world from the menace of environmental degradation, many movements have emerged so as to advocate for environmental protection.

One of the movements that aimed at environmental conservation is the green movement. The green movement is one of the most popular movements in the world.

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towards promoting a clean and safe environment counts. Individuals have a role to play in promoting a good environment. Individuals should focus on promoting environmental sustainability by promoting good agricultural practices.

This can be done through less use of inorganic inputs. Individuals can play a noble role of planting trees as a way of promoting environmental sustainability (Williams 3).

The green movement has played a significant role in promoting the environment. The history of the green movement is wide, and it has roots in America and Europe. The movement was formed so as to counter the growing issues of environmental pollution due to continued industrialization. The organization has programs, which has aided in promoting the goals and objectives of the movement.

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