The God Who Loves You Poem

The God Who Loves You Poem

The God Who Loves You Poem.

The God Who Loves You Poem: The poem, which is presented in rather chronological way, begins with a supposition of how much troubled god goes through thinking of how happy the future the reader of the poem would have had been.

With this introduction, the writer sets up the idea of human choices and consequences. The writer tries to fathom the thoughts of an unidentified god, who could be the biblical God, but who is nonetheless is not plainly named all through the poem.

From the perspective of this unidentified god, the writer imagines that this Supreme Being is troubled by the choices that the readers, spoken to directly using the word you, have made, which it would seem

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Few years afterwards, I reflect on how much that decision altered the kind of relationship I have had with my mother and the way it would have been different in case I did not get involved.

The life I would have had would obviously have been different. That single decision changed the way I looked in my mother’s eyes and it’s with regret and nostalgia that I look at the affection that eluded me in past years.

Like in the poem, the little choices we make every day that we consider mundane have a way of coming back and haunting our lives. We look at the forgone options and live in a quiet anguish knowing that there are options we missed out on that could have led to a more gratifying life.

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