The Future of Cloud Computing

The future of cloud computing

The Future of Cloud Computing

It is argued that cloud computing is the final means by which the modern computing will become invisible, and software will be divorced from the hardware where more technologies will be consumed and be adopted as a service. To begin with, cloud computing is the practice that largely involves the usage of the network servers that are located remotely.

Users access the remote servers through the Internet so as to manage the process and store the relevant data, rather than in personal computers of the local server.  Cloud computing has integrated itself into a mode of accessing and storing data from the laptops, desktops, tablet computers and smartphones. Thereof, it does not only store data but applications as well. As a result, more business startups are using cloud from the ground so as to simplify their business strategies. In turn, cloud computing has turned out to be faster, cheaper as well as easy to maintain. Cloud computing has its share of benefits as well as disadvantages, and they will be outlined in this case in details as well as its future.


Cloud computing has accelerated with the wide use of the mobile device development as well as internet services. Many of the modern individuals carry the portable devices and can easily access their media, pictures and documents on the cloud storage through the internet.

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Developers will stop worrying on provisioning storage, a switch and server as it will happen automatically. The twinned technology of the abstracted software, as well as the commoditized hardware, ought to combine to create data center function more like the ecosystems, with the over-arching systems ruling the equipment through the software.


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