The future of cloud computing

The future of cloud computing

The future of cloud computing

Cloud computing is the exercise of loading computer data, on multiple servers, that are used regularly that can be retrieved via the Internet. New trends in technology are encompassing cloud computing as the top among the array of topics in technology. The cloud computing concept is not a new portent. It dates back to the utilization of dumb terminals and servers in the 50s.

The modern cloud computing ideas have accelerated via internet based servers since its inception in the mid-2000s. Today, cloud computing is becoming business modernization’s fresh standards (Alali & Chia-Lun, 2012). This paper seeks to discuss the future of cloud computing.

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While Bowles (2013) imply that the future of cloud computing will ensure that companies data accuracy is ensured in order to prevent business interruption or catastrophe, CHOI (2013) and Alali & Chia-Lun (2012) agree that in the future, the system of cloud security will be in a position to validate identities via a centralized trust.

The future of cloud computing can be expected to be the centralized data. The mobile devices that will rely on cloud computing will obviously become thinner and more powerful as the applications will be based on the web. Therefore, in my point of view, the future of cloud computing will be brighter for organizations that currently implement the technology.

Alali, F. A., & Chia-Lun, Y. (2012). Cloud Computing: Overview and Risk Analysis. Journal Of
Information Systems, 26(2), 13-33

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