The federal System

The federal System

The federal System

The federal System:Federation is a term used to mean a treaty or agreement. When independent states weaken, they form a federation to resist foreign aggression individually. They also do this because standing alone may make them economically challenged unlike those in a federal system.

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It spreads equality and self-governance among states that implement it and it is just. Countries that adhere to federal system of governance have freedom of expression in independent states. Individual states can make and amend their own constitution, amend it and implement it at their own disposal without the interference of the central government.

The aim of a federal system is to create stability in general, reduce differences between disparate states and give a common ground for them all. An organization based in Ottawa, Canada called the Forum of Federation helps share practices among countries with federal systems of governments.

Kelemen, R. D (2005). “Built to Last? The durability of EU federalism”, Princeton University.

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