The Favor of God

The Favor of God

The Favor of God.

The Favor of God: Joseph was alive from 1562-1452 BC. He was the son of Jacob and Rachel, who was Jacob’s favourite wife. Joseph was also Jacob’s favourite son (Redford, 1970).

He was born after 7 years of Rachel barren. In addition, he was the father of the 12 tribes that started Ephraim and Manasseh. The story of Joseph found in Genesis: 37-50.God had prepared Joseph to be the prince of Egypt all his life.

Since his birth, to his brothers selling him to Egypt, where he rose up the ranks to be a prince of Egypt. God had favoured Joseph all his life and he had made him survive all his earthly tribulations (Redford, 1970). Jacob and Rachel had tried to have a baby for seven years.

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The name Manasseh means that the lord has made him forget his toil and his father’s home. In addition, the second name Ephraim that meant that the lord had made him successful in the land that he came as a slave(Redford, 1970).

Only from these names, we see the lord had a grand plan for Joseph from the onset. Then Joseph helps to save his father, Jacob and his brother from dying from the famine. Therefore, his position as the prince of Egypt, he helps to save the Gods chosen people.

If it were not for Joseph as the prince of Egypt and in charge of food distribution, the Gods chosen people would have been extinct. Finally, Jacob and his sons moved to Goshen and lived there. There they grew in number and exceedingly multiplied (Redford, 1970).


Holy Bible: New King James version. (Reader’s text ed.). (1990). Nashville: T. Nelson.

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