The Evolution of Freud’s Personality Theory

The history of personality theory undoubtedly begins with Sigmund Freud. Carl Jung later confronted Freud’s personality theory with his own fresh ideas. Hitherto, personality theory continues to evolve, encompassing gender, cultural, as well as identity issues. The early developers of personality theory laid much emphasis on overarching concepts, which ultimately struggled to account for each and every development stage and delve deep into the human mind. At the time, the founders of personality theory were a tad bit limited in their scope (Aslinia & Hinsley , 2009).

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Research indicates that social dynamics are becoming more digitalized, as evidenced by the growing use of the social media platforms, influencing human and personality development. Therefore, the advancement in technology already has massive influence on personality development, and such influence can only increase.

Alzahrani, S., & Bach, C. (2014). Impact of social media on personality development. International Journal of Innovation and Scientific Research, 3(2): 116-117.

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