The ethics of calling a slow code

The ethics of calling a slow code

The ethics of calling a slow code.

The ethics of calling a slow code: Dr. Holbert was a senior neonatologist and had experienced such scenarios in his line of duty. The doctor having been in the field for quite some years had adequate knowledge and experience to carryout the slow code.

The slow code was to be carried out to prevent the baby’s suffering. Another important element of this case is the baby’s weak pulse and labored respiratory efforts, which would have made it difficult for its survival. The parents drive for the survival of the baby was very crucial in this case.

The parents wanted their baby to survive irrespective of the immense malfunctions he had. The fact that the baby’s malfunctions were identified at an early stage depicts the doctor’s experience and skills.

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An alternative course of action would be to let the baby live with the deformities. If the baby had been let to live, he would consume financial resources only to die after some time. It was only right for the doctor to terminate the baby’s life; the situation could get worse and lead to eventual death. The parents demands that everything be done would be carried out if the baby was in a better health condition. It would not be ethically acceptable for the doctor to watch the child suffer to please the parents. Personally, I think the doctor’s response was justifiable, since it ended the child’s suffering. In this instance, telling the mum about her baby’s real condition would have worsened her status and lead to more damage.

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