The ending of world war II and the U.S. use of the Atomic Bomb

The USA was indeed the only Country involved in the World War II that became or emerged stronger than when the conflict began. For many US citizens, the World War II as well as the aftermath ushered in the new era of domestic prosperity and in Europe America had cemented its status as the most powerful nation due to its naval and military ability. As a result, there grew political, military and economic dimensions among the ‘big three’ allies, the USA, the Soviet and Britain, which resulted in the cold war.

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In conclusion, the greatest impact besides the Holocaust in the World War was the growth of the Woman as she was respected for the roles she played in the war. Indeed, this was a huge win as women in the modern days can perform similar duties as the men with little prejudice. After the end of the then Soviet Union, the Cold War was almost over, however, tensions are still reported between USA and Russian in the modern times as they still differ on ideologies.

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