The Elements: The concept of Nature

There is various dimensions f nature, and different authors use the word nature in many different ways. The animals, elements, and nature are stipulated by Iroquois as they define their political system; whereby the concept of nature was completely different in the viewpoint of Jonathan Edwards, a Puritan highlighting religious and philosophical living- in a supernatural and divine world and Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God (Lukasik, 2000). Afterward, the American scholars present nature when expressing their spiritual beliefs and the best ways to live in the natural world.

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All the writers both the earliest and that who came later, temporarily disconnect themselves from the artificial world in order to go back to nature and learn from it effectively. In the natural world, they claim that the natural order is clear, and the arrangements established in this world can and should embrace in the human world. The core lesson, agreed by Thoreau, Walden, and Emerson, is that the principles of human beings cannot guide an individual spirit that is part of man’s natural possession. Although people must continue living in a world, they created; they can always reflect the natural world.

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