The elements of marketing mix for Apple Inc

The elements of marketing mix for Apple Inc

The elements of marketing mix for Apple Inc.

The elements of marketing mix for Apple Inc: Apple Inc. is a global technological giant that has over the years applied various marketing mix strategies to reinforce its position as a market leader in the technology industry.

This paper provides a description of the elements of marketing mix for Apple Inc. that have guaranteed it success and its position in the market.  Specifically, the paper will describe the elements of Product, Price, Place and Promotion with regard to their implementation and how they relate to distribution, marketability, reliability and sales of the company’s products as well as consumer satisfaction.

Apple Inc. began in 1970 as a result of a collaborative initiative between two friends, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. At the time, personal computers were non-existent with such technology reserved only for the corporate world.

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is its decision to expand its distribution abilities by setting up retail stores in major cities around the globe. Apple stores provide consumers with a unique shopping experience featuring retail experts as well as a direct product experience for consumers.

Moreover, Apple has entered into strategic partnerships with other industry giants (such as HP who sold a branded iPod as well as preloaded iTunes onto their computers) to increase visibility as well as usability of its products.

Besides, the company has also amplified the accessibility and availability of iPods through partnerships with retailers who currently do not stock Apple operating systems.


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