The effects of shortening unemployment on job placement

The effects of shortening unemployment on job placement

The effects of shortening unemployment on job placement

The dream and aspiration of each is to grow into excellent professionals in whichever career path they choose to follow. It is for this reason that post-secondary institutions exist where an individual is to enhance his or her skills in the profession that he or she has chosen.

Grabman (2012) argues that both the organization and the worker who takes the job, which he or she is not, trained on stand to benefit. The first advantage according to Grabman is that the company will experience more flexibility within their staff.

The flexibility will come in that the hired worker will lend his knowledge to the department that needs his services while at the same time getting a job for which he or she was hired for done.

Though disputable, Grabman (2012) argues that the company would stand to reduce the hiring cost majorly because the worker may agree to take the job on a low pay.

According to Grabman, nevertheless, such an event only comes up when a worker is in dire need of a job that would generate him or her some source of income.

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The acquired skills would no doubt come in handy for the worker in the future. Nelson also argues that there are several benefits that are associated with being employed for, and the worker is likely to benefit from such schemes (Nelson, 2012).

The first advantage is that the worker will no doubt be in a position to earn a living. This is due to the hypothesis that he or she will be expecting a paycheck every month in accordance of their agreement.

It is common knowledge that having some form of income is of great significance to each worker because they will be able to accord their families the basic needs that they require.

By having some source of income, the employees are able to give their families enough support with requirements such as health and education.

Whichever situation we find ourselves in, however; we should always strive to give the best, because it is only through being at our best, that we will make the best out of our abilities.

GRABAN, M. (2012). Lean hospitals: improving quality, patient safety, and employee engagement.

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