The effects of militarized law enforcement

The effects of militarized law enforcement

The effects of militarized law enforcement

The effects of militarized law enforcement: Law enforcement is not a duty that is, usually, undertaken by military forces. Within these final operations, the skills and highly standardized application of force that are commonly linked with police forces in their law enforcement task are, in fact, obvious in a decisively military context (Dunlap 10).

Military training, tactics, and equipment do not fit in American law enforcement since many deaths and injuries have taken place because of it, and it’s very expensive. Firstly, the American law enforcement has become much too forceful with its citizens. Secondly, there are numerous reports of police using extreme measures, to harass the general public. Officer selection and training is a very thorough and exhaustive procedure.

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Militarized policing has targeted color communities. The ACLU (3) report states that “of all the episodes studied where the race and number of the people affected were known, 20 percent were white, 39 percent were Black, and 11 percent were Latino.” Most of the raids that targeted Latinos and blacks were linked to drugs, another way revealing how the “war on drugs” is racially prejudiced to the core. (ACLU, 8).

Works cited
ACLU. War Comes Home: The Excessive Militarization of American Policing. 2012

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