The effect of the same sex marriage

The effect of the same sex marriage

The effect of the same sex marriage

Same sex marriage is an upcoming trend in the marriage institution where a man gets married to another man, or a woman gets married to another woman. Although the opinion of the state and that of culture may be different, it is only the homosexuals who can help us understand the effects of same sex marriages. There are parents who prohibit their sons and daughters from practicing homosexuality.

However, after a few years, these children will reach the legal age where they can make their decisions and their parent’s opinion regarding their children’s life will be irrelevant. There are arguments those same sex marriages are against both the cultural norms and the religious laws, yet there are state governments that are making the practice legal.

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The limitation experienced during the research was that the respondent’s commitments to relaying information needed for the research. The government officials were reluctant to give their views about the issue, and they had to be convinced to make their contribution to the research. The government should implement policies that shall minimize the transmission of the sexual diseases among married couples.

More research is needed to understand why the opposite sex couples feel they are threatened by the same sex couples because there is little information on the issue. The family structure issue also needs to be addressed because children are suffering psychologically, and such stress and depression could have adverse effects in the future.

Badgett, M. L. (2009). When gay people get married: What happens when societies legalize same-sex marriage. NYU Press.

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