The different shades of love

The different shades of love

The different shades of love.

The different shades of love: Love has broad meanings depending on the context that it is used in. Love can be between siblings, friends, lovers, man and God or between a parent and a child. Love is associated with feelings of caring for the loved individual.

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Unfortunately, most married people fell in love with individuals that were not their spouses. The paper has also discussed philia, Eros, agape and storge forms of love.

Most of the explanations that are given for love and the involved relationships have their origin in Greek history. A lot of written material also exists on the love that was being carried on by the French.

In the literature that exists on love relationships among the Greek, most of it seems fatal especially in the manner in which it ended.  Love in ancient Greek was highly associated with sex. Some of the Gods of love in ancient Greek include Cupid, Venus, Aphrodite and Eros (Demaria & Brown, 2007: 167).

However, it is still the ancient Greeks and Romans that felt so inspired by the feelings of love that they wrote many love poems. Most of historic art that is still appreciated was inspired by different forms of love.

On the other hand, the man could have as many other wives and / or concubines as he pleased. In ancient times, most men would marry for a rise in their social status in the society.

Demaria, R. & Brown, R.D. (2007). Classical Literature and its reception: an Anathology. Massachusetts. Wiley.

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