The different shades of love

The different shades of love

The different shades of love.

The different shades of love: Love has broad meanings depending on the context that it is used in. Love can be between siblings, friends, lovers, man and God or between a parent and a child. Love is associate with feelings of caring for the loved individual.

Though no set rules are given for love, it is expected that those in a love relationship abide to certain principles (Norton anthology of literature, 2000: 1224). Abiding to principles contribute to a cordial relationship between individuals that are involved in a love relationship; whatever nature it might be of. This paper will look at the history of love

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Love might be terme as being physical when it is motivated by physical attraction only. Such kind of love might be short term since it would only exist as long as the physical attractiveness is present. If the physical attractiveness fades, the physical love is also likely to fade away (Johnson, 2005:74).

The paper has talked about the historic love that existed in ancient Greek. Most of the terms that are use to define terms associated with love can trace their origin back to ancient Greek.

Most of the love that develop among individuals in those days was after they had got marry. Unfortunately, most marrie people fell in love with individuals that were not their spouses. The paper has also discussed philia, Eros, agape and storge forms of love.


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