“The Dead” by James Joyce

“The Dead” by James Joyce

“The Dead” by James Joyce

The Dead is a short story written by James Joyce in 1907, and published in 1914 in Dubliners collection. The attention of the short story is focused on the academic life of a young man named Gabriel Conroy. In the short story, the academic and intelligent Gabriel Conroy becomes educated in the English language, something that is ascribed to his disassociation with Ireland, his native country. Indeed, the difference that develops between Gabriel and Gretta during the gala with colleagues, where Gabriel is the guest speaker, is as a result of his contemptuous opinions about Ireland.

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Indeed, education is the key to intense globalization, revolutionary industrialization, innovative technological developments, and civilized transport as well telecommunications advance, all of which are contributory concepts as far are transformation growth of cities is concerned (UNESCO, 2014). In that respect, the low education residents in Galway and elsewhere in Ireland makes Gabriel regard his native country with low esteem. As a consequence, getting associated with a country that lacks a vivid orientation towards change, while being satisfied with the status with respect to educational deprivation, is a shame, according to Gabriel’s perceived judgment. Therefore, on the basis of embracing change, the scholastically graced Gabriel.

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