The culture of poverty

The culture of poverty

The culture of poverty.

The culture of poverty: Poverty is a complicated social phenomenon that leads to social inequality. It can be described as the scarcity of materials for meeting basic needs. For several years, in an attempt to describe the sociology of poverty, scholars have developed several theories.

One of the most popular theories of poverty is the culture of poverty, which was coined out by an anthropologist, Oscar Lewis. He developed this theory from a study of Mexicans.

He noted the economy based on low wages, unemployment and under employment, low skills, and low income wages population tends to develop a certain culture different from the middle class population.

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poor people have their own ways of life different from the rest. Even though it may look oblivious that poor people have their own subculture, it is not exactly true. The problem is that the media and newsmakers tend to concentrate their efforts on the poor neighborhoods.

Further, the poor lack the means to provide security in their areas; hence, high rate of insecurity. The theory of culture is a mere myth or stereotype that implies that the poor have their ways of life different from others.

The idea that individuals from poor communities have uncouth behavior is not true. There are many people brought up in poor communities and have successfully made it to bigger positions in the society. As such, these people are no different from the richer counterparts.


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