The cult of the Amateur

The cult of the Amateur

The cult of the Amateur

Author Andrew Keen addresses the economic and social effects that have been brought forth by the use of the internet in the first chapter. He gives his opinion and those of other writers and also shares personal experiences on the WEB 2.0 revolution. He defines the internet revolution as a “great seduction.” He claims that despite the promise of more truth in the different sectors that came with the age of the web, it has all turned out to be a “smoke screen” giving the people superficial information contrary to the expectation.

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He supports his proposition by citing sites like Wikipedia, YouTube, and Craigslist where any individual can use works done by others to make another piece that at times is not so well researched and does not credit the original writer. However, in disagreement with his opinion, these sites offer scholars an important platform to lay out their ideas, researches and also opinions that are key at advancement in the different fields (

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