The Contemporary issues in helping

The Contemporary issues in helping

The Contemporary issues in helping

The Contemporary issues in helping: A helping profession is one that helps an individual who has physical, psychological, emotional or intellectual issues to help him cope with these issues. These professions include nursing, psychology, social work and life coaching.

Below are some of the major issues that affect helping professions: cultural diversity, helper burnout, communication, education and training and rights and ethics. These issues are a challenge to the helping professions. They should therefore be addressed and solutions determined for maximum benefit of both the helper and the client.

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Various human rights regulate the helping profession. Both the helper and the client have their rights. The clients right to autonomy, non-maleficence, fidelity, justice and beneficence (G, 2011). These rights should not be violated by the helper. For example, the client has the right to make his/her own decision regarding the therapeutic decision and therefore the helper should respect the client’s decisions.

The helping profession also has a code of ethics that govern it. The helper therefore has to follow this code of ethics. Violation can lead to prosecution and punishment of the violator through the withdrawal of the practicing license.

Avila, D., & Combs, A. (2012). Burnout: The Modern Malady of Helping. Perspectives

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