The Consequences of Revenge

The Consequences of Revenge

The Consequences of Revenge

The avenger does not always get expected results of executing revenge. Sometimes revenge can end up hurting the avenger by leaving them distressed and without peace of mind. The Cask of Amontillado is the confessions of a man who took his revenge far. Montresor carefully planned to murder Fortunato, and he succeeds.

However, fifty years later Montresor’s heart is filled with guilty, and he has not enjoyed the revenge.  Montresor speaks to a specific audience. The audience knows him very well because he mentions that they already know his thoughts and personality.  Montresor is speaking to a close friend probably a relative on his death bed.

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He also struggles to place the last stone in the tomb. The stone is not only heavy physically but also emotionally. He has to place the stone to cover up what he has done but placing the stone means that he cannot reverse his actions. Montresor is speaking to a close friend and relative.

He reveals to his friend that revenge is not sweet, and it destroys the avenger in many ways. He could not undo his actions which have left him distressed. In conclusion, Montresor is showing his friend that though people quest for revenge once it occurs it never fulfils the criteria of flawless revenge but rather shutters the avenger.

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