The Concept of Class

The Concept of Class

The Concept of Class

The Concept of Class: As far as Weber is concerned, the society is divided according to lifestyles the same way it’s divided into classes. Class is a classification of persons who share a common elements of their lives. The component must be represented by economic interests such as possession of goods and income. Again, the components must be based on the conditions of the labor market. According to Weber, men belong to a particular class, not because of their place in their e-market, but because of their consumption arrangements as far as a process of production is concerned.

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Law-legal authority ensures that people abide by the law and those who fail to act as required by the law, are punished. Therefore, those people who fail the community by doing what they are not assign to do should get guidelines from the law. Those who observe organic solidarity will be presumed to be aware of the set rules and knows what is expected from them. Therefore, law-legal authority can be applied in an organic solidarity community.

Burris, V. (1987). The neo-Marxist synthesis of Marx and Weber on class. The Marx-Weber Debate, Londres, Sage.

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