The Common Driveway Case

The driveway dispute between Mr. George Green and Mr. David Wilson seems to be deadlocked. The problem begins when the Green’s family ignore the basic principle of the conjoint utilization of common driveway. Shared driveways are supposed to be used by both families in a manner that depicts equity and respect. On Memorial Day, the Wilsons attempts to leave are delayed because Green’s sons have packed their cars on the driveway.

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Arbitration should be used to resolve the case between the two families because it results in a win-lose outcome. Greens should admit to being wrong instead of creating a scandal between the families. The driveway should be shared, and the Green family should not create chaos and issue threats over a facility that should be used conjointly.

Thompson, P. J. (1973). Advantages of Arbitration. Law. & Banker & Cent. LJ, 26, 299.

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