The Christians’ Relationship to the Old Testament

The Christians Relationship to the Old Testament

The Christians’ Relationship to the Old Testament

Christians’ relationship to the Old Testament has had different views and opinions from different religious scholars globally. Most importantly, what is considered is the Bible’s teachings on this issue. Christians generally followed the Bible and the Law, until Jesus Christ was born and the New Testament arose. Generally, the Old Testament talks about prophesies of the coming of Jesus.

Apart from the law, the Old Testament gives a general view of the characters of The Messiah.

Relating to the Old Testament, Jesus had a lot to say about the law and the prophets. Jesus himself predicted the fulfillment of the law. According to Mathew 5:17, Jesus clearly expresses that He has no need to abolish the law. Concerning the law, the Bible states that Jesus is the Only One not guilty before the law. Jesus says that keeping the law as a merit system does not fulfill its righteousness, but brings forth a doomed failure. Relating to the law and Jesus Christ, the Bible states that Jesus Christ is the end of the law.

Christians are indebted to obey the Old Testament laws since according to John, all attempts to understand the Kingdom of God start from the Old Testament. Religious experts find an understanding on the Rule of God easier in the viewpoint of the Old Testament than in the New Testament.

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In relevance of Jesus’ teachings, the Old Testament is important for a Christian’s righteous ways, but the laws do not have to be binding since Jesus Himself came to liberate the people from such laws.

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