The Bridges of Madison County

When Robert Kincaid meets with Francesca Johnson as he was asking for directions; the life of Francesca changes totally. She finds a soul-mate in Robert Kincaid and discovers true happiness. However, because of her concerns for what society considers right and a sense of duty, she choses to forgo her happiness and end the illicit relationship.

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From this analysis, the life of the woman in the 1960’s is shown as being oppressed. The concerns for propriety and social morality prevent her from pursuing happiness and love after the four day affair. The authors use stereotypes to bring out their argument that Francesca is not the “trapped damsel”.

Adams-Price, Carolyn, et al. “Empathic Resonance and Meryl Streep.” Journal of Popular Film and Television 34.3 (2006): 98-107.

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