The Book Thief

The Book Thief

The Book Thief

The Book Thief:“The Book Thief” is a narration by Death about Liesel Meminger, narrated by Death. She loses her brother in a train as they head to Molching to meet their foster parents. He died because of poverty, cold, and lack of proper medical care. When she gets to that town, she hesitates to enter the house, but Hans, her foster father welcomes her.

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. One night, Hans finds the handbook that she had picked from a gravedigger after she had a bad dream (Adams 225). Liesel was an illiterate child. Finding the handbook inspires Hans to teach her how to read. After she learns how to write, she composes letters to her mother, which do not get a response.

Leiser opposed the government but did it in discretion. She hid the book secretly after the fire during Hitler’s birthday. In kindness, Hans hid Max in his house but lived in constant fear. After the whipping, he sends Max away to avoid the consequences if caught, but still the Nazis take him away after a while.

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