The book Jane Austen persuasion

The book Jane Austen persuasion

The book Jane Austen persuasion

In the novel Persuasion, Jane Austen expects the reader to be sensitive to the question of social status because she remorselessly satirized characters who are obsessed with fine social distinctions. There is no association with her characters in the novel between the high rank and ability or virtue. Austen was born in 1775 and raised England. Her fame grew after literal classic work that aimed at bridging the gap between realism and romance.

The matters of class inflexibility and social agility are the most crucial theme in the book. Naval profession and marriage are two means by which individuals may improve their social class. The author defends the traditions and values of respecting social structure because she is not a revolutionary. She is subtly dissident in her support of greater social flexibility and the navy role increase class flexibility and become its domestic virtues. There are also rules that limit social ambition, that make Mrs. Clay and Mr. Elliot to be punished for their selfishness they show in overstepping their bound and breaking rules. Austen is conservative in her respect for class traditions and realizes the advantages of greater social flexibility.

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As a result, women develop a feeling of inferiority on the basis of these sociological and biological factors that serve as gender equality. In the recent year’s women, empowerment has increased improving the role of women in the society. Women are expected to live ornamental and protected lives and accept every social status their father and their husband conferred on them.

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