The Black Death

The Black Death

The Black Death

The Black Death:The plague became rampant in the Fourteenth Century, and China was the believed place of origin. It then spread to Europe through the trade routes that were used during those times. Then, it reached England. The first cases of The Black Death in England were first witnessed in 1348, claiming almost half of the entire population.

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The disease resulted in the deaths of millions of people. Young, old, men and women succumbed to the so-called bubonic plague. It, therefore, means that there was in an increased number of orphans, widows, and widowers. In some cases, the plague wiped out the entire family.Those who were infected by the disease were left alone to die because there was no cure. It, therefore, led to the destruction of the societal culture as far as families were concerned.4

The Black Death in England changed the country’s social structure. As a consequence of a decrease in population, the landowners began treating the laborers with respect because they need labor for their farms.

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