The Bell Jar

The Bell Jar

The Bell Jar.

Sylvia Plath expresses the theme of oppression in the novel The Bell Jar. The novel describes the life of Miss Esther Greenwood. She has just joined college after getting a scholarship. Then experiences a new environment in the New York, where her college is situated.

She is among the students who have been hardworking, spending most of her time on books. This contributes to her excellent performance for several years. Her performance even leads her into getting job offers even during her college days.

She joins eleven other girls, who have explored more of the extravagant life than she has done since they are from financially privileged backgrounds. However, she seems much concerned with her social life.

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She has been wishing to outshine her colleagues by exploiting the talent, but later fails in attaining the objective and thereby resulting creativity oppression (Meyer).

Generally, it can be considered that the society is oppressive. This is because the society has led into the male chauvinism as well as the women in the novel not being fully contented with what they can do. They do not believe in themselves, and often seek the opinion of men in most of their decisions however personal they could be.

Men are also observed to be extreme in oppression by involving physical violence when dealing with women. Therefore, the theme of oppression is well displayed in The Bell Jar, and it is considered much unsupported by the victims.

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