The Balluga interactive bed

The Balluga interactive bed

The Balluga interactive bed

The Balluga interactive bed:The Balluga interactive bed provide a new experience among consumers with the mattress made of air bed and multiple cells made from soft inflatable elastic membrane. Cells on the mattress can be adjusted to support and fit the body using a conventional remote control or controlling the bed using a smartphone app because the bed contains Wi-Fi hotspot and Ethernet power line connected to the main AC plug.

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Consumer has the option of choosing the temperature they desire as well as lightings because come with in-built low lighting, the optional lights under the bed can be synchronized with the music to give the consumer the best comfort. In additional, the bed can be hooked with the fame consulate for motion purposes, where the bed shakes in the same manner as gamepad.

Balluga sells to the elderly that these beds are worth spending money on because an investment in a mattress is an investment in their health. Most elderly are always worried about getting enough sleep and staying healthy. Plus they spend more time in their beds than younger couples with families.

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