The Assyrian art

The Assyrian art

The Assyrian art.

The Assyrian art began to emerge in 1500 BC in Mesopotamia. The Assyrians started by developing a scheme of large stones of detailed low reliefs in alabaster and stones. They started by painting palaces.

Their arts covered a great part of animals such as horses and lions and their art represent the animals in a large extent (Barnett, Forman & British Museum, 1960). The Assyrians also curved reliefs in the faces of rocks.

They later started producing little sculptures in round with an exemption of the collosial guardian figures which included animal symbols, bearded human heads which were sculpted on both sides of rectangular blocks (Barnett, Forman & British Museum, 1960).

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On the other hand, the Assyrian art can be seen as a form of relief that expresses some realism in life. For example, pictures of encounters with lions and sculptures of a man fighting a lion. This could symbolize the pains and sufferings of the Assyrians. It was very symbolic and represented the experiences of the Assyrians (Barnett, Forman & British Museum, 1960). This was very different from the other reliefs of their neighbors.

Profile view was very significant when representing animals in the Paleolithic arts.  The profile view was very important since it enabled a clear view of the animal (Guthrie, 2005). This is because it could allow the viewer to view the finer details of the sculpture.

On the other hand, the profile view was more detailed and this made the art to be more attractive. Profile views enabled immediate recognition of the shapes and this aided in bringing out the physical realism of the sculptures (Guthrie, 2005).


Barnett, R. D., Forman, W., & British Museum. (1960). Assyrian palace reliefs: And their influence on the sculptures of Babylonia and Persia. London: Batchworth Press.

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