The articles of capitulation

The articles of capitulation

The articles of capitulation

The American troops were involved in the battle of Fort Necessity with the aim of avenging the death of one of their officers who had been assassinated by the British troops. The American forces defeated the British troops and due to insufficient supplies, bad weather, and disease the British asked for truce hence, the articles of capitulation were written.

The British forces had no other option left than to surrender to the French forces that would spearhead the truce between the British because they were losing most of their soldiers to the disease attack.

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They wanted to ensure that English troops met all the requirements of the treaty within a short period. For instance in article 7, the English men were required to have safely delivered the prisoners to the French forces within two months and a half. They were also not to make any establishments in the nearby surroundings for at least a year.

The time frames in the peace treaty helped the French forces to observe the effects of the conditions in order to make desirable change as well as providing ample time for both parties to meet the requirements of the peace treaty. The French decided to possess the aforesaid fort to avoid any conflict from arising regarding its ownership (Walsh, 1817).

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