The ancient music of Mesopotamia

The ancient music of Mesopotamia

The ancient music of Mesopotamia

Mesopotamia was a term associated with the region of Tigris-Euphrates river systems which corresponds to the modern-day Iraq as well as to the lesser extent of the Southeastern Turkey and northeastern Syria. Mesopotamia is consider widely to be the origin or cradle of civilization. This is where the bronze age empires such as the Sumer, Babylon; Akkadian and Assyrian ruled the regions including making significant steps to civilization. The empires were all natives of the region of the modern Iraq. The Ancient Mesopotamia had ceremonies almost every month with the rituals being marked with a great musical culture that marked the beginning of the Mesopotamia music. The music was renown for divine intervention as well as for crucial events. Indeed, this case will showcase the Sumerians and Assyrian influence on the musical culture that has shaped the Middle East in the modern world

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The music was in their belief to bring joy to the Assyrian and Sumerian people, as well as their gods. They also wrote love songs that entertained the guests during feasts. In Iraqi today, the music culture is still available where certain instruments such as the harp, Oud and drums are still relevant in making songs.

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