The Amish Community

The Amish Community

The Amish Community.

The Amish Community: The Amish is a group of traditional Christians who have a peculiar way of life. They believe in separating their ways of lives from the world. As such, they live in communities, which differ from the rest in terms of clothes, work, language, education, and travel.

The community has a set of beliefs that they follow in their daily lives. This includes having love at heart and loving each every member equally. Thus, they help each other and work as a community to aid a troubled individual.

It is also notable that they do not use insurance nor support state benefits. Their lives are totally different from others making them seem like an island. Amish people dress in simple clothes that reflect separation from the world and humility.

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The body is buried in the cemetery where graves are dug using simple tools. It is clear that the Amish community is super conservative and strangely different from the rest of the modern communities. Even though there are several conservative communities in the contemporary society, Amish displays distinguished characteristics.

They do not like mingling with others, using modern technology, and other common things done by modern people. Their way of living is distinguished such that the government even exempted them from compulsory school attendance.

For a common man, it is unbelievable how they survive without machines and electricity. However, they are comfortable with their simple way of life, and are not willing to change. Their future is uncertain as few Amish members seem interested in the worldly ways of life.

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