The Alexander Mosaic: The Battle of Issus

The Alexander Mosaic The Battle of Issus

The Alexander Mosaic: The Battle of Issus

The Battle of Issus began in November 333 BC in the Southern Anatolia led by the Achaemenid Persia whose leader was Darius III, and Alexander the Great, in the Asian Alexander conquest of the great battle. The battle took place in Issus an ancient town from the south .

The Alexander Mosaic is originally from Pompeii House of the Faun as a Roman floor mosaic. It shows the war battle between the armies of Darius III of Persia and Alexander the Great. The original copy of the Alexander Mosaic is preserve in the museum (Naples National Archaeological Museum). There is a belief that the mosaic is a copy of the Hellenistic painting of an early 3rd century probably by Philoxenos of Eretria[1].

The Battle of Issus is among the most earliest and iconic battle event that the world of art was able to find preserve. For its time, the state-of-the-art, the manner with which the construction of the mosaic was did not depend on methods that were rudimentary of using pebbles in the creation of the picture. However, there was the discovery of tesserae. This is a design that use cut glass in the creation of a depiction that is more accurate and smoother of the desired event


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While there is the evidence of destruction, its gruesomeness reality. This is  especially given the techniques of time combat, is not revealed and for that reason. It is replace with a scene that is an idealized approaching victory. The paintings intention is also clear in the manner in which Darius and Alexander are characterized.

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