Texas School Fund

Texas School Fund

Texas School Fund.

Texas School Fund: For a long time, the public education funding system in Texas has faced a myriad of upheavals. A good example would be in 2011, when Texas Legislature slashed the public school funding by $ 5.4 billion.

As though this were not enough, the legislature further increased the rate of state assessment and accountability system under which the schools would operate. This increased accountability and academic requirements, coupled with the loss of funding proved as a ‘perfect storm’ for majority of Texas public schools.

Most people will agree that well-funded schools will definitely perform better than impoverished schools; moreover, public education systems should offer a level playing ground for all children irrespective of their financial backgrounds. However, this might not be about to happen in Texas where more than half of school funding is

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Although it may seem that it is too early to say how the lawsuits filed against the State of Texas will be, I am more than confident that the court will reach upon to a free and fair decision that may bring equality to the system of financing education in Texas.

Children are said to be the future of a nation, but with the basis of education being influenced by the evils of corruption and segregation, then they do not expect to go to school to become better persons in a place that itself it is a revelation of the laxity of the “good people” that children in the school desire to be.


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