Test Results

Test Results

Test Results.

When a qualified and graduate nurse fails the NCLEX exam, there may be considerable unpleasant effects for stakeholders. Ethical accountability of a graduating student who meets the qualifications of the nursing course but cannot pass the NCLEX exam is an issue that needs to be addressed by educators. Closure of nursing programs may be the result if students continuously fail to preserve the national target standards set.

Graduates who fail the failing the NCLEX affect three main stakeholders who are; the nursing program, graduate nurses, and healthcare organizations. This paper will support taking a test before sitting the boards. The faculty is alert that evaluative measures should be applied not only to assess student attainment, but, as importantly, to support student education and learning, and evaluate and develop teaching and program efficiency.

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The National League for Nursing (NLN) recognizes the difficulty encountered by nursing schools to sustain high NCLEX pass rates. Stakeholders are anxious about the employment of qualified students, public safety issues, competition, and certification. Students and the faculty share a joint responsibility to make sure promptness and readiness to pass the NCLEX.

No argument exists about the need to guard the public through standardized assessment measures of nursing proficiency, and there is a clear perceptive that licensure exams are high-stakes for faculty, students, and nursing schools. It is the frequent use of consistent tests to block graduation or reject eligibility to take the exam.

Giddens, J. (2009). Changing paradigms and challenging assumptions: Redefining
quality and NCLEX-RN pass rates.

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