Test Biases in Psychological Testing

Test Biases in Psychological Testing

Test Biases in Psychological Testing

Few matters in psychological assessment currently are as opposing amongst clinicians and the general public as to the usage of standardized tests. For clinicians, parents, and clients, the key subject is one of the long-term effects that may happen when mean test outcomes vary from one ethnic group to the other. Critical concerns comprise, among other things that psychiatric clients might be over diagnosed, learners disproportionately placed in distinctive classes, and applicants unlawfully denied college admission or employment due to supposed bias in standardized tests (Sternberg, 2011). Tests in psychology can be well-constructed and well-conceived, but none of them are perfect.

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Though threats to validity do happen, psychologists and others concerned in psychological measurement have undertaken great strides.This is in recognizing such threats. Also, in creating strategies for preventing, detecting, or minimizing them. Nonetheless, psychological tests must always utilize and understand with close concern.This is for the evidential and theoretical basis of their application and meaning

Domino, G., & Domino, M. L. (2006). Psychological testing: An introduction. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

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