Tennis Culture

Tennis Culture

Tennis Culture

Tennis is among the most popular games on the planet with one of the largest fan following. Over a long period, this game has evolved and a result, it has developed a rich culture that has continued to influence the different aspects of the sport. One of the critical areas that the tennis culture has influenced is the dressing code and styles of its players. This paper intends to survey the different aspects of tennis culture with an emphasis on the dress codes and their implication. It will also examine the culture of Mission college men’s tennis team.

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As the popularity of the game advanced, as the popularity of the game advanced, modifications started being made to the courtyard playing areas, this involved transforming them into indoor courts; the game still involved playing the ball off the wall. Afterward, players started using a glove, and then a solid paddle or a glove with webbings in between fingers; this was then finally followed by a racquet- a handle attached with a webbing.Between 1859 and 1935, Augurio Perera and Major Harry Gem introduced a game that combined aspects of the game called pelot and rackets components.

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