Temperate forest

Temperate forest

Temperate forest

Temperate forest:The food chains found in the temperate forest region include: primary producers, which mostly consists of plants. Examples are mosses, shrubs, ferns, flowers. Canopy level trees like fir, cedar, hemlock and conifers, as well as understory trees such as dogwood, maples and vine. The primary consumers feed on these primary producers. They comprise the second level in the food chain and include small mammals like the rats and mice, salmons in the water bodies, insects, elk, deer and birds.

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For animals, the small ones like the squirrels gather nuts and other foods for the winter season. The larger animals eat as much as possible during the summer and hibernate during the winter seasons. Therefore, the animals found in this region adapt by storing enough food to last them during the winter season (Sayre, 1994).

Sayre, A. P. (1994). Temperate Decidious Forest. New York: Twenty-First century Books.

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