Television has turned to become an important part of our society. In fact, it gives most of the stories in our families. It entertains, educates, informs and entertains. But it came to be what we see today as a result of the series of inventions that took place in the past.  As a result of many experiments, there was the development of technologies that would later become the basis of it’s invention.

It all began in Germany when the first component of television was developed by Gottlieb Nipkov. He saw the invention of a telescope that operated through rotation of disks, and such invention led to the success of sending messages through wires.

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In fact, the first transmission by the BBC came on November 2 in 1936 originating from Victorian Alexandra Palace in North London and is even considered the true origin of the television.

The development of the colored television was realized later. In 1964, colored televisions were introduced in the U.S… Then, television was later presented to other parts of the world such that, by the year 1992, more than 900 million television sets were already in use. Many years after the development series of the television, the world was introduced to other  formats in form of analog and digital.

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