Television ratings and how they affect children

Television ratings and how they affect children

Television ratings and how they affect children.

Television ratings and how they affect children: There are different categories that spell out the context to we see in the United States television stations (Hamilton 03). This is in respect to the time of the day, the age of the audience and the context of a program.

For example, we have the TV-Y rated programs in the United States of America. These programs are recommended for children between 2-6 years of age, although all ages of children can watch those.

These programs are supposed to build up young children levels of intelligence, but not to make them scared of what they see on TV. There is also the YG rated programs. Which are specifically designed for the entertainment of children of 7 years and above.

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There are increased early pregnancy cases among our children emanating from adult content material they watch from television among other media sources. These pregnancies later translate into the high rates of young abortion cases we are witnessing each year.

In conclusion, Television ratings had been introduced to control the material that our children are supposed to watch on television. However, that is not the case nowadays as the content that was supposed to be kept away from these children has found its way in to their programs.

As a result, children have been negatively affected by these programs. An evident fact which can be witnessed in the high abortion cases. Strong language as well as increased violence in our schools.

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